Free Prescription Rx Plan:
For agents to participate in as a giveaway to clients and groups or for lead generation. Excellent discounts on generic and brand name prescriptions with compensation paid based upon utilization.

Enrollment Services:
Often large and geographically diversified groups can be difficult to enroll: Call us! We may have enrollment resources available.

Stand Alone Hearing Benefit:
National provider network allows for national distribution to groups and associations. Pays compensation based upon utilization.  Free hearing tests: Big discounts on hearing aids.

Cardiovascular Screening Programs:
Available for large associations, Insurance Companies and employer groups. These can greatly aid in the management of health claim costs as well as with actuarial and underwriting costs. Screenings available nationwide with commissions paid based upon utilization.

Web Page Design Services:
For business owners, agents, and others wanting to enhance their business with a website presence.  Hosting services available as well.  Very cost effective and affordable pricing.