Individual Dental/Vision:
Can be written over age 65; up to $1,500 per year coverage; allows for the addition of a vision insurance rider

Final Expense Plans:
Available through age 85; up to $250,000.

Annuities and 401K Plans:
Both fixed and variable; large and small; 401k for both groups and individuals.

Rapid Decision Term Plans:
Up to $500,000; 10, 20 and 30-year term; no medical underwriting; no aps, no tests; up to age 75; underwritten within 24-48 hours; on-line application system for submitting business.

Affordable Accidental Death Plan:
With return of premium in 20 years while coverage doubles; 50k, 75k and 100k available; same premium at every age; guaranteed issue; short application; no medical questions.  higher limits available up to $500,000.

Individual Long & Short-Term Disability Plans:
For both blue and white collar markets; farmers, teachers; (no offsets for public sector workers); special discounts for qualified associations; guarantee issue to certain groups of 10 or more; coverage to age 67 with non-disabling benefit feature.

Business  Overhead Expense Plans:
For qualified business owners; both blu collar and professionals; special discounts available to qualified associations.  Extremely high limits of coverage available.

Term Life Insurance Plans:
With return of premium riders available.

Guaranteed Issue Life insurance:
No underwriting.  Available ages 40 through 80. $5000 through $25,000 available.  2 years offset.  Great product for a totally uninsurable individual  Very competitive premium. 

Long Term Care Insurance Plans:
Both traditional as well as “modified” plans available, with special underwriting allowed for groups and associations.

Critical Illness Plans:
Available for individuals or on list bill for groups and associations.

Air and Ground Medical Ambulance Service:
From home or any other location to any destination around the globe. This service includes retrieving any vehicle including 18-wheelers.  It also provides for family members to return as well. Great benefit for long haul truck drivers, business travelers, international students, etc. Available for individuals, employer groups and associations.

Home Health Care Plan:
Pays up to $150 per day for in-home medical services.  Reimburses $250 per year for prescriptions drugs. Additional features available.  Can be bought through age 85.  Practically no underwriting.  Incredibly cheap.  Excellent option to Long Term Care and pays in addition to any and all other benefits.

Telephone Product for the Hearing Impaired:
Make available a telephone that displays the incoming conversation on a screen for reading. Available to qualified individuals at no charge. Subsidized by the FCC.  Great value added benefit for any association. Compensation paid for placements.

24/7 Telemedicine Program:
For individuals, employer groups, and associations on a voluntary or employer paid basis.  Available on monthly bank draft.  Priced as low as $5.00 per month.  Consult by phone with a physician, receive consultation and necessary prescriptions as needed.  Show employers how to use this product to stabilize or even reduce their medical premium.

Individual Medical Health Access Plan:
Three benefit plan levels to choose from providing low cost options with internal limits. Excellent options for non-covered individuals.  ie: part-time employes, complies with new health laws and eligible for tax rebates.